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What are Discrepant Events?

I can’t wait to show my students some really neat science experiments this week.  I love it when students have to think about what they know and how to explain something that doesn’t quite turn out the way they expect by using their science knowledge and writing skills.

I think this photo says it all.


NERM (Northeast Regional Meeting) of the American Chemical Society 2016


The K-12 teacher of chemistry program will take place on Friday, October 7, 2016.

All workshops are at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Binghamton, NY on Friday, October 7th

starting at 8 AM and running to about 4 PM. Location will be the Sterling room.

Any questions?    Please contact Diana Simpson at or 607-743-9528

For the flyer, click here: K-12 Teacher of Chemistry Flyer NERM 2016

Learning the International System of Units is easy if you only get rid of the centimeter!

The metric system was based on tens.  The international system of units is based on thousands. Once you get rid of the centimeter and go straight to the millimeter, students understand the simplicity of measurement with SI.  We need to stop assessing students’s ability to measure using centi as an appropriate prefix.