Essay Contest on the History of Food

The Chemical History of Food: An Invitational Essay Contest from the American Chemical Society Division of the History of Chemistry

Teachers and students at any level of chemistry instruction are invited to submit a team-researched-and-written brief essay (500 words or less) describing an episode or development in food chemistry from an historical viewpoint. At least two supporting scholarly references (not taken from the internet) should accompany the essay; they will not figure in the word count. Essays will be judged on the depth and clarity of chemistry covered, the quality of research, and historic content. Winning essays will receive a voucher for supplies selected from the Flinn Catalog (1st prize – $300; 2nd prize – $200: 3rd prize – $100). Before March 1, 2018, please submit your essay along with a captioned photograph of your teacher/student team to Please include the name and location of your institution and contact information. Winners will be announced at the High School day at the New Orleans American Chemical Society National Meeting on March 18, 2018. The essays will be featured in the symposium “Food at the Crossroads” on March 19, 2018.